Build Team Task List

Programmer/CAD Team’s Task List

  • Fix axle bending problem on linear slide.
  • Add ramp sections to linear slide.
  • Attach team number to robot.
  • Double check Tele-op for errors.
  • Test and Debug autonomous code.
  • Fix orientation switch bug.
  • Adjust pragmas to accommodate new sensor wiring.

Today we continued to practice for interviews. We are confident in our abilities to answer any question that the judges decide to ask us. The build team worked on fixing the long axle that bends every time the lift is raised.  By replacing it with two short axles, each with two c-channel supports on either end, the torque was reducd to a safer level.  Also, the build team mounted the ramp sections onto the linear slide. These ramp segments will allow balls swept up by the sweeper to land more reliably in the crate being held by the robot.

The programmers had to wait for the build team to finish again, so we worked on the brochure with Katie that we will hand out to other teams at competition. We did not finish the orientation switch bug, so we will do this tomorrow.


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