The Pattonville Robotics Club was invited to visit the local St. Louis office of Bastian Robotics on Tuesday January 31st. General manager Ken Tinnell guided the students through the offices and back to the floor where several industrial robotics installations were being integrated and tested. We were able to see the fabrication area and several separate active projects, one of which would retail for several million dollars.

The club was also introduced to Colin Shipley, a robotics developer & former FIRST student. Colin was able to field everyone’s questions from programming to whether or not professional engineers actually apply all that calculus we have to study.

The tour was was incredibly valuable and something we’d recommend to any FIRST team who has the opportunity.    The Green Army Robotics are extremely grateful and hope to establish an on-going relationship with Bastian as they are an amazing resource and walking diestance from the high school
A huge thank you to Bastian for the inviting us over!

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