A simple and intuitive joystick mapping for maneuvering about the field.

*Don’t forget to include Joystick Drivers.

* Also remember to call the joystick settings with:



Using the D-Pad to directly affect the speed and maneuverability of the robot.

Pattern Template

Left drive motor <-- Left Analog Stick Y Axis
Right driver motor <-- Right Analog Stick X Axis

Using these variables, if you wanted a very simple program that looks at the Y-Value of the left analog stick, and the Y-Value of the right analog stick, and assigns it to the left and right motors respectively (like a tank drive):


This code disregards achieves the same as the code above, but disregards small values.

task main() {
  while(true) {
    motor[motorD] = joystick.joy1_y1;
    motor[motorE] = joystick.joy1_y2;



This code combines everything above, and should deliver the full shebang.

task main() {
  int leftPower, rightPower;

  while(true) {
    getJoystickSettings(joystick); // Update Joystick variables

    // Save the joystick values to two local variables
    leftPower = joystick.joy1_y1;
    rightPower = joystick.joy1_y2;

    // Check to make sure the values aren't too negligible
    if (abs(leftPower) < 10) {
      leftPower = 0;

    if (abs(rightPower) < 10) {
      rightPower = 0;

    // Check some buttons to move an NXT motor
    if(joy1Btn(2)) {
      motor[motorA] = 50;
    }else if(joy1Btn(4)) {
      motor[motorA] = -50;
    }else {
      motor[motorA] = 0;

    motor[motorD] = leftPower;  //Assign modified joystick variables to motor power.
    motor[motorE] = rightPower;


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Submitted by: Mark Raymond Jr.

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