2013 Game Reveal at Science Center!

The 2013 game – FTC Block Party – was revealed today around the world, including at the St. Louis Science Center. Green Army Robotics was represented by a large contingent that wanted to see the game in person.

Click below to see the video of how the game is played. It looks like an exciting [...]

Time-Lapse Videos Are Up

After a lot of hard work and days of rendering, the very first Green Army Robotics time-lapse videos are up.  We initially unveiled these at the MO FTC Championship this past weekend, but now have them up on YouTube for all teams to see.

If any teams are interested in how we set up our workshop to [...]

2012-2013 MO FTC Championship

On Saturday, Feb 23 2013, both Pattonville teams competed at the MO FTC State Championship at the University of Missouri Science & Technology in Rolla, MO.

As always, the Green Army Robotics teams had a great time & want to thank all the event volunteers for putting on a great championship.  Both [...]

Update on Weather & State Championship

In true robotics fashion, the weather has given us some extra challenges right at the end.

Some important notes for all members:

We are still planning to attend on Saturday.  All students absolutely must print and get signed, their permission slip available here:  http://greenarmyrobotics.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/2_23_2013_Trip_Form.doc YOU CANNOT GET ON THE BUS WITHOUT A SIGNED [...]

Qualifier at the Show Me Center

On Saturday, January 20th, the Green Army Robotics teams participated in the 3rd MO FTC qualifier on the campus of Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau.
This was the largest tournament in MO FTC history & one of only a handful of two division, 48 team events in the country.

Both teams once [...]

Practice Session with CafeBot

On Thursday, January 17th, we were fortunate to have team 4982 CafeBot join us for a practice session.  CafeBot is tiny, home-based team who happen to be both extremely competitive and inspiring.  We’re proud to call them friends and work together to advance the mission of FIRST.

All three teams got to [...]

2012 St. Louis FTC Qualifier – Flo Valley

Once again Pattonville participated in the 1st Missouri State FTC Qualifier in St. Louis at St. Louis Community College – Florissant Valley.  The qualifier was tough, rewarding, and amazing experience.

Both Green Army Robotics Club teams did extremely well, impressing the judges and being fierce competitors on the field.  After a rocky first round, both teams [...]

Visit to Holman Robotics Club

Several students from Pattonville’s Green Army Robotics visited Holman Middle School to meet with their new robotics club.  The Green Army students introduced the Holman students to FTC and helped explain we they get to do at the high school level.

Big thanks to Collin Carter for his robotics [...]

2012 – 2013 MO FTC Software Workshop

Pattonville’s Green Army Robotics attended the 2012 – 2013 MO FTC Software Workshop on Saturday, Oct 20th at St. Louis Community College – Florrisant Valley.

Students not only attended various sessions on ROBOTC & PTC, but also also presented sessions & help staff the 1 on 1 help sessions working with other teams.

Most presentations & supporting resources from [...]

Informational Meeting for 2012-2013 Season

There will be an informational meeting open to all students interested in joining Pattonville’s robotics club on Tuesday, Aug 28th at 2:30pm in Mrs. Cole’s room D204.

See everyone soon!

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